Thursday, April 14, 2016

Basement Waterproofing: Why You Want a Pro to Work On Your Basement

Although many do-it-yourselfers exhibit praiseworthy tenacity, passion for education and excellent craftsmanship, some jobs just don't lend themselves well to the weekend warrior approach. Basement waterproofing in Des Moines is one of those jobs, and there are several reasons why. It's Backbreaking Some basement waterproofing problems just don't have an easy fix and require breaking up the floor and ground in and around the home. Busting up concrete floors and digging trenches are hard work by themselves, but the fun doesn't end there. If you've had to bust out the floor, you'll need to lug buckets full of broken concrete and other materials up the steps and out of the house. This is tiring work even for those who do it daily and is brutally difficult for those who don't.

Best Foundation Repair Techniques Used to Fix Bowed Walls

"Best Foundation Repair Techniques Used to Fix Bowed Walls Homes located in places with heavy soils often experience bowing and cracking of their foundation walls. Pressure and compaction of the heavy soil, and occasional over-saturation with heavy rain cause immense external pressure on the walls, pushing them in. Too much pressure could cause a foundation wall to crack all the way through. Professional foundation repair in Des Moines can help homeowners to avoid a major foundation failure by fixing the issues while they are small. Anchoring One of the most popular techniques used for foundation repairs is anchoring. This is done by experienced professionals, who do the repairs from inside of the basement. The perimeter of the basement floor is removed with the use of a jackhammer. Steel I beams are installed about every 4 feet along the bowing foundation walls, and are buried into the soil underneath the house and anchored to the basement ceiling with wooden support beams. Ne